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The movie begins with Daggubati Venkatesh’s Voiceover showing 50 Rupee Note with a Raw Green Mango on the note and the mango pricked with a Nail on it by resembling 3 persons related to those 3 things and a police officer played a game with the lives of these 3 people.

The next scene is an interview in a jail in Delhi of a criminal known as Saleem Batkal who is related in a crime which took place in Mumbai 15 years ago . Saleem demands some amount of money from the interviewers which to their astonishment is just 50 Rs. He rents a house which is 50rs cheaper than the previous onebecause of the clash between the owner and broker. Here comes the entry of Potharaju Veera Shankar (Ravi Teja) with his wife Kalyani (Shruti Haasan) and with their mishevious son going to the temple. Shankar thanks god for giving him a police job, a beautiful wife and a happy family. Some family comedy takes place. The new house which Saleem rents for passport verification with fake details is just adjacent to the previous one comes under different police station where Shankar (Ravi Teja) is the SI (where Saleem Bathkal’s man has no influence). Under some dramatic turns he is caught because of keen observation by Shankar that the details he gave are fake. To avoid senior trouble he gives complete credit to the SP. Saleem tells the host media person that now Shankar works as a CI in Kurnool. The reason of the 50Rs note is justified from Saleem’s story.

The next scene introduces the new villain Konda Reddy (P. Ravi Shankar) who is a highly sadistic goon, occupies the land of a doctor by humurously threating him by admitting as a patient. When Konda Reddy is in a meeting a girl tries to pluck from the mango tree of Konda Reddy upon asked by Konda’s son but angry Konda Reddy releases his dogs upon her. The girl’s mother files a case on him. The SP calls Konda Reddy telling that this case might put Konda Reddy in trouble because it is dealt by none other than CI Shankar. Konda takes him lightly then the SP tells him to meet Katari Krishna (Samuthirakani) who is in central jail of Rajahmundry. Watching Katari at the jail Konda Reddy thinks of him lower but when he gets to know about Katari’s backgroung he gets shocked. Out of curiosity he meets Kothari and asks him of what happened. He narrates his story as a song of how he rose to power by killing a rowdy (Jeeva) he used to work under and making Jayamma (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) (worked under that rowdy) and creating a bloodshed in the Ongole city. Then Konda Reddy asks him why he is in jail then Katari Krishna shows him a nail by removing from a wall and narrates how that nail brought him to jail.

Shankar is appointed as CI of Ongole and he thrashes some protestors who were just protesting for publicity. He meets a constable Kiran (Sudhakar Komakula), who is a son of a constable who used to work with Shankar. On the contrary Jayamma has a habit of going to movie theatre during Fridays where she sees Kothari Krishna’s daughter with Kiran and kills him by appointing men from Vetapalem. After this , Shanker goes to the crime scene spot and relishes the memories of Kiran and himself and then he enquires about this kind of murder from 2 doctors . Then Shanker tries to find out the killer , he starts to research about this kind of murders and the suspects and since he did not find any evidence and then he goes to another police station and checks the files and in one of the papers , there are 3 names out of which 2 are dead and the third suspect name is Katari, so he goes and meets him in a fair and a fight takes place and then he takes Katari to the police station and puts him in the cell for 3 days . Then comes the Interval of the movie. Jayamma releases Katari Krishna by bringing bail and when katari is about to leave he sees his daughter with another police (Vamsee Chaganti) after getting married. It is revealed that actually he is the boyfriend of his daughter but due to a nail piercing in that constable’s thigh he sends Kiran to drop her. Jayamma misinterprets Kiran to be her boyfriend. During their reception Katari’s wife visits them and warns them to go away. But it turns out that it was her plan to kill her daughter’s husband. A man caught there tells about Jayamma. Katari kills Jayamma being afraid of his name might come out. Shankar arrives just on time but Jayamma dies but while chasing the killers he shoots one of them but it accidentally kills an innocent. Shankar gets suspended. But during his investigation he gets to know that his associate Tilak has killed that innocent as he is one of the Katari’s men. Shankar again gets his job with full powers and he catches Katari trying to escape from him but due to a nail the lorry tyre gets punctured and he is caught. After hearing this Konda Reddy makes sure that he doesn’t use the word “background” infront of Shankar and treats him with respect. But accidentally his PA (Sapthagiri) hurriedly comes and utters the word background and Shankar thrashes him and puts him in the same jail where Katari is kept.

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Duration: 154

Quality: HD


IMDb: 9.3