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Sylvie’s Love

In New York City, 1962, Sylvie is waiting outside a theater, while Robert is in a recording studio, playing saxophone. While Sylvie waits, she recognizes Robert.

5 years earlier, Robert and his roommates sit for breakfast, while Sylvie works at her father’s music store. Robert spots Sylvie in the window, and eyes the Help Wanted sign. He asks Sylvie about a Thelonious Monk album, which she distactedly directs him to while watching I Love Lucy. Robert calls for her attention to pay for the album and asks about Help Wanted sign. Sylvie explains that they aren’t actually looking for help; that her mother uses the sign for optics despite the fact that her father can’t afford help, and she works there while her fiancé serves in the Korean war. Her father, overhearing the exchange, comes out from the backroom and hires Robert on the spot.

That night, Robert is seen playing a gig at a nightclub. They meet Genie, who invites Bobby to sit and discuss his experimental music. She asks Bobby to join an impromptu jam session at her home. Sylvie and her cousin, Mona, catch sun on the rooftop while catching up. Sylvie denies having noticed Bobby, romantically. In the meantime, Bobby works with Sylvie’s father at the shop, discussing music and Sylvie’s aspiration to become a TV star.

Later in the evening, Bobby and his quartet arrive at Genie’s jam session. Genie asks Dickinson Brewster about the group’s management and fronts money for new suits before he agrees to have her manage them. Robert walks in on Sylvie, dancing in the shop while she cleans. She and Bobby end up locked in the basement, waiting for her father to rescue them. They share cigarettes on the steps. She points out that Bobby has a French Light, signifying that he is to fall in love soon. Bobby points out that Sylvie has the same light to her cigarette.

Sylvie and Bobby discuss music, and she shares her album recommendations for him, while Bobby asks Sylvie about her fiancé’s musical taste, which they both find funny. Bobby plucks a pin from Sylvie’s hair and opens the locked door. On the store stoop, Bobby invites Sylvie and Mona to his next gig.

Sylvie is entranced by Bobby’s music at the club, and waves off Mona as she asks about “him”. Genie introduces Bobby’s band to French club booker, Antoine Fournier, who suggests they would be a hit in Paris, with an opening at a certain club in a month. Chico and Bobby meet up with Sylvie and Mona. Chico and Mona dance while Sylvie tells Bobby she thinks he’s the best tenor sax player short of John Coltrane.

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IMDb: 5.9